Danger Zone Read Online

Danger Zone Read Online

Write:Sharon Kimbra Walsh,

He’s her commanding officer, and there are rules and regulations. Careers can be lost if they follow their hearts. Will it all be worth it?

An officer in the US Navy, Sarah has gotten where she is by shying away from emotional entanglements, keeping her nose clean and being strong and tough. Then she falls for her commanding officer, a senior captain in command of a destroyer, and she finds that the aspirations she has dreamed of and the goals she’s set in respect to her career no longer seem to matter as much.

Jack has to set an example for the men and women who serve under him. Besides, he’s too old to feel the hot need for Sarah that he does, and he has no intention of deviating from his commitment and obligations to the Navy, even though he wants her.

On shakedown patrols, a six-month mission at sea and braving a storm, duty and obligations prevent them from acting on what they both crave—each other. Their feelings simmer beneath the surface until, away from the doctrines and eyes of the Navy, their emotions prove too strong and they both discover that what they feel for one another is far more meaningful.

When duty calls, Jack has a moment of sanity and breaks off their affair. But letting go of what they have is unbearable. Their lifetime careers or a life together. It’s decision time…

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